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Single cards are sold in my Etsy Shop:

4 card set $16.00  Folds flat to mail  Price includes white envelope, square flap, Gold foil lined



Tree and Kite Pop-Up Card
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Bird 2 with 18kt.Gold Leaf Heart 
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House II Snow on the roof  Pop-Up Card
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Nature Theme  
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Puppy Tri Fold Card 
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Cat New  Tri Fold Card 
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House11GltrpicFront.jpg (24093 bytes)    HouseVTCrdFrnt.jpg (22003 bytes)    RedHouseXmasFront.jpg (24978 bytes)

Glitter House Open    Front of Card    Red House Open 

Inside of Card:    House 3D Pops Up


       Although it isn't snowing

        quite yet we know it's true.

                          Thanksgiving's right around the corner,

                And we're so thankful for you.


The glitter on the house,

                Is for the Happiness you bring.

                        And the sparkle you put in hearts,

            Like you do with everything.


Behind the house, inside of card:

Please cut around the dotted line

for an ornament to hang up

to remind you how special you are !






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