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                                                                                  Paper Sculpture work - is special - is of the highest quality - is appreciated by those looking for THE BEST.   

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Made from 20 Business Cards you provide or Stark White Cardstock paper.
Finely cut to a 3D free standing figure. ~ Any Theme, Profession or Sport ~
Secured under a glass dome to a wood base.
Order as a gift to wow them or keep for yourself.  
Makes a memorable impact. 

Individual, Corporate and Promotional Gifts - Custom - Personalized.

Proudly made in New York State - USA

Please click on image to see larger.


Sculpture Name

Business Card Sculpture $94.00

Complex designs may be more.

Add Engraved Plate $4.50 Gold Engraved, Black background.
1 or 2 lines.
25 characters max. includes spaces per Line.
10569_vessel_psv.jpg (154828 bytes) 10569 Vessel 

Platform Supply Vessel

Enter Design # you want
Add the name you want engraved
1024_Sunfish_Sailboat.jpg (206075 bytes) 1024 Sunfish Sailboat
Enter Design # you want
Add the name you want engraved
9955_cargo_ship.jpg (143359 bytes)9955_2_cargo_www.jpg (123483 bytes) 9955 Cargo Ship
Enter Design # you want
Add the name you want engraved
8920_1 speed_boat_base.jpg (327481 bytes) 8920-1 Speedboat on base
Enter Design # you want
Add the name you want engraved
scspd_ boat_8920.jpg (189360 bytes) 8920 Speed Boat
Enter Design # you want
Add the name you want engraved
8930_sailboat.jpg (58754 bytes) ITEM 8930 Sailboat
Enter Design # you want
Add the name you want engraved
Custom Design you want

Don't see what you want?

$ 94.00 Standard Designs.

Complex Designs may be more.

Contact us for a quote.

 Add a gold engraved name plate, black background for only $4.50 more.
The plate is 2-1/2" x 1/2" 

1 or 2 lines  
25 characters allowed per line- including spaces.


Don't see what you want?  Just order and it will be designed and sculpted for you.  
$ 94.00 Standard Designs.

Complex Designs may be more.  Contact us for a quote.


Shipping TERMS and POLICY




Designed and handmade by Petrina Case. 
Shipped from my Studio, Upstate NY ~ U.S.A.  


Please mail your 20 clean Business Cards to:

Petrina Case Pop-Up Studio

5191 Fox Road

Palmyra, NY  14522-9400


Imagine the client talking about you long after 
receiving this unique- personalized gift.
Made from 20 business cards you provide.
Placed under a glass dome ~protecting
your gift for years to come.

Guaranteed to bring smiles~ what we all need more of.


Lead Time:

Please allow 1 week for delivery.
Ships 7 Business days from payment and receipt of your 20 business cards 

via. USPS First Class mail $10.00 includes Insurance  

Plus, allow 1-3 days for the Post Office to get it to you, please.


It takes a total of about 10 days to get the Sculpture to you, from the time I receive payment and the 20 clean Business cards.

RUSH service is available $ 50.00 if you want it sooner than 10 days.  



  Thank you for visiting!                         

Dome and Base

6-3/4"H x 5-3/4" DIA.
Dark wood base for greater contrast 



Gift Shop   

Pop-Up Business Cards - Personalized - Custom
Promotional Cards- Presentation Cards-
Calling Cards.






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