Paper Engineer and Artist of Pop-Ups, Made to order Books, Paper Sculptures and Cards by Petrina Case          


                                                                                  Paper Sculpture work - is special - is of the highest quality - is appreciated by those looking for THE BEST.   

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Hello and Welcome to my Art Studio.

Quick tour is where you'll find my completed                       
Business Card Sculptures, 3D Paper Sculptures, 
Pop-Up Books made to order, Silhouettes,
Pop-Up cards, Mechanical cards, Birthday,
Holiday, Thank You cards, and my journey to create more.

My Journal is where you'll find new things I'm working on.  

Come along!  Travel in my Art country
where life can be fun...what we all need more of.  

My goal is to bring smiles, joy as you view or make Paper Pop-Ups, Mechanical Cards.       

                                                                                      I hope to hear from you,
                                                                                      Make a friend...share a smile,

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Thanks for visiting!


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