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Printing Services Section

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Pop-Up Books Business Card Sculpture 


ADD PRINTING to Greeting cards: 
    PR-1   1st Side Printing   $54.00 First 100
    PR-2   1st Side Printing   $  8.00 Each Additional 100
    PR-3   2nd Side Printing   $44.00 First 100
    PR-4   2nd Side Printing    $  8.00 Each Additional 100
 ENVELOPE PRINTING:     Black Ink ~ Centered on back flap.  Not for foil lined.
    ENB   Envelope imprints   $25.00 up to 1,000
    ENP   Envelope imprints   $ 12.50 each additional 1,000 or portion.


  Import image from the  Internet



  Scan Logo or Photo  


To pay by check:
          Print order form and mail with your check.
Refund ~ 
Return Policy
All special orders are Guaranteed.  If not 100% satisfied, return in 30 days of ship date and you will be gladly refunded, no questions asked.
Shipping fees are not refundable unless it is our error.


        Prices are subject to change.  
        Prices shown are the actual selling price of the item and do not    include shipping fees or tax.  
       Only New York ship to add tax.
Tax Exempt
       Please e-mail your Tax Exempt form to Webmaster@Petrina

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