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Pop-Up Engagement Book

 Welcome to the 
Pop-Up Book 
Engagement Proposal Section

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Pop-Up Books

Business Card Sculpture 

Pop-Up Proposal - Engagement Book
Will you marry me?   
or any Title you like.  
Remember this is a custom book made just for you.

WillU19 20ring1.jpg (207207 bytes) WillU19 20ring6.jpg (183560 bytes) WillU19 20ring8.JPG (215490 bytes) WillU19 20ring9.jpg (222925 bytes) 

Each page has one or two lines you write, 
added to a Pop-Up spread that spans two pages. 

Custom Watercolor cover:
annivbkcovr.jpg (248358 bytes) 
Choice of cover: Linen Cloth or any other cloth or paper cover you like

annivbk1.JPG (210197 bytes) $12.50 Linen 

or Watercolor Stock cover choices:

Blue Fields Blue Wash 

Sample of custom Pop-Up Book
Cover Page

 Your custom Title page

Write something about you

Write something about her/him

Something fun

Where you met
The building Pops-Up

A photo of you together... a kiss perhaps
and the Heart Pops-Up

Some Pop-Up butterflies surround you as a couple.
 will ubutterfliesAD.jpg (218193 bytes) 


A Restaurant or place you both like to visit
As the page is opened, a building Pops-Up and the door on the right hand page opens 
while a photo of you and her appears..
Pull the mechanical door to the left and a photo of you and her appears.
The awning pops open.

The question is coming up...

A 5 inch paper engagement ring Pops-Up as the page is opened,
with ribbon for you to attach the real engagement ring.

 willu19 20ring1ad.jpg (213371 bytes) WillU19 20ring6.jpg (183560 bytes) WillU19 20ring8.JPG (215490 bytes) WillU19 20ring9.jpg (222925 bytes) 

Or -instead of the engagement ring there could be a
Pop-Up of a guy on bended knee proposing

A photo of you as a couple, in greyscale, adorns the last page
WillU21 22a.jpg (341379 bytes) 

Embossed tissue paper on the right protects your photo.
WillU23 24.JPG (240475 bytes) 

 The last pages of the book.
WillU25 26.jpg (320228 bytes)





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