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                                                                                  Paper Sculpture work - is special - is of the highest quality - is appreciated by those looking for THE BEST.   

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Petrina learned when things seem awful, it's a good time to do something for someone else.  Maybe you'll get somebody to smile and end up smiling yourself.  She didn't know that her thank you would end up being the start of her new business.                                   ___________________________________________________________________________

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[New!] Petrina Case Pop-Up Studio Interview by Doug Emblidge of ABC Channel 13 WHAM News
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[New!] Petrina Case Pop-Up Studio Establishes Internet Presence
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Product Announcement
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Date -- March 17, 2008


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Robert Sabuda, the New York Times best seller list, famous Pop-Up book Author/Paper Engineer, Illustrator features Petrina Case as Artist of the month , Robert Sabuda's website, November, 2007 /petrina.asp, /paper-engineer.asp



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