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Victorian Mechanical Card

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Victorian Mechanical Card Section

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Pop-Up Books Business Card Sculpture 

   4 Card set  $32.00 


Need more than a greeting card?  
Paper Sculptures made from Business Cards you provide.  
Any theme ~hobby ~profession.  
A unique wow factor gift.
  Buy in the Gift Shop.

Greeting Card is a combination of:

My watercolor, miniature copies of Antique Prints from Godey & Harper's Bazaar.
        Printed gliceé style on acid free paper.









 Mechanical Victorian House Card ~  
Front of Card - The curtains are closed.   
Pull the tab on the left and the curtains open to reveal the

Front of Card 6-3/4"W x 4-7/8" H

From left to right:  A Victorian Lady, in her proper outing attire, strolls a Baby carriage.

Boy & girl ,holding a Cat, play with a dog.

An Antique bicycle & above it, the Grand USA Flag.

Top center:   Round, stained glass Patriotic window.  Opens, as do all the curtains.

The horse *Nel, hitched to a post, with a Surrey in tow.

Surrey with the fringe on top detail:  "The wheels are yellow, the upholstery's brown,

the dashboard's genuine leather.

With Eisenglass curtains you can roll right down,

In case there's a change in the weather."

Surrey detail wording is from the Musical "Oklahoma" by Richard Rogers.

Inside of the House
 Card slides open- detail
When the Tab on the left is pulled, the inside of the house is revealed.

*Nel, was the name of my Grandfather's horse
used to pull his Tea Wagon in the late 1800's.
He sold specialty blends of Tea in Rochester, NY. such as Formosa, 
Oolong, Orange Pekoe, Dejarling, English Breakfast among others.

Grandfather gave out sample Coffee packets, with Tea sales, 
in hopes of increasing Coffee Sales.

While I wanted to paint a Tea Wagon in this card, it would be too 
dark, distracting from the rest of the piece.

Envelope: 7-1/4"W x 5-1/4"H
V Flap

1 set of 4 cards - Includes envelopes 5" x 7" ~ Not lined, V-flap

Card is also offered in the Free section for you to print out and make.


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 Mechanical Iris Card ~  
CAT#MV-HA    1 set of 4 cards
 Includes envelopes  ~4-3/8" x 5-3/4" white, gold foil lined, square flap. 


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Shipping/set Vic-ship 1.00

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