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Pop-Up Books Business Card Sculpture 


Need more than a greeting card?  
Paper Sculptures made from Business Cards you provide.  
Any theme ~hobby ~profession.  
A unique wow factor gift.
  Buy in the Gift Shop.
  Free to make and share with family or friends

           It's great to send or receive a hand made card, especially one that moves.
          These are free for you to print out, cut, glue and mail or keep to enjoy with a smile.
Cards are available
for sale if you prefer not to make them. 
          Either way, I hope they bring smiles, joy or  inspiration.    ~Petrina

                                                  Iris Mechanical Card



Iris Card Front            Iris Card Open

Pull the left tab, the card reveals: 

                                                                                                Live Well

                                                                                                Love much

                                                                                                Laugh Often


                                                Finished card fits envelope size:   4-3/8"H x 5-3/4"H

                                                To print out and make this card, please click on the link:  

                                                            284K pdf file*

                                                         or to buy       



Things you'll need to make these and helpful hints.

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