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17 March, 2008                                             PAPER POP-UP STUDIO 

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Petrina Case 

Taking paper to a different level
Paper Pop-Up Studio Establishes Unique Presence

PALMYRA, NY -- Paper Engineer, Illustrator Petrina Case is finding different ways to work with paper.   Her art has generated interest from people who are looking for something other than the latest computer game, resulting in a creative home-based business that is unique.  

When Case, a Palmyra artist was laid off after her job of 17 years, in Finance with a local Fortune 500 Company, was outsourced to India 5 months ago --high pressure --daily deadlines, she used her art skills to get through the stress of not having a job.

A successful businesswoman and artist, Case could have gotten a job almost anywhere she wanted. However, the driving force to spend more time with her family and create more art brought her to starting her own business.

Spending the last 10 years doing freelance design, she has created a world of paper pop-ups and mechanical greeting cards from her Fox Road home Studio.  This led to the Petrina Case Pop-Up Studio and now

Looking for a way to thank a vendor, Petrina designed and built a miniature 3D wheelchair out of his business cards. Case says her daughter knew she liked creating pop-ups and suggested designing a wheelchair as the thank you.  Matthew McGarvey, Rehabilitation Technology Specialist for Fonte Surgical, went out of his way to find and personally deliver wheelchair parts for my 9 year old Granddaughter.  

Entering her design in a pop-up contest got Case featured on Robert Sabuda’s web site as artist of the month, November, 2007- New York Times best seller list and famous Pop-Up Book designer. The site displays a full page of Case’s paper engineered pop-ups, mechanical cards and sculptures.  The Art Director for Piggy Toes Press/Intervisual Books says about Case's pop-ups, they are delightful and inspiring.

The wheelchair thank you started it all.  It led Case to create other business card pop-up figures: fisherman, golfer, Law Scale.  A sculpture of a Doctor brought a note saying the clever business card art is proudly displayed in the waiting room. 

Petrina learned when things seem awful, it's a good time to do something for someone else.  Maybe you'll get somebody to smile and end up smiling yourself.  She didn't know that her thank you would end up being the start of her new business. 

To deal with being laid off Petrina used her art skills, as a thank you vehicle, to change the focus of not having a job to a positive one --of inspiration, to bring smiles or joy --the theme for her business and web site that offers free pop-up and mechanical cards for people to create their own.  

Case says she is happy to have a business whose main purpose is inspiring others through her art, while spending more time at home with family.

For more information or to interview Petrina Case, call (315) 597-4632



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